Thank you to both Chris and Jhoanne for letting me second shoot

Location: CSULB

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Finally picked up my camera again!

Hello Everyone!

I cannot believe it’s been over 6 months since I last posted. I think its high time I updated this. I hope everyone is doing well because I know I am. After taking a long hiatus from shooting, I finally gained the confidence to go back out and shoot again thanks to my friends Chris and Liana. Here are some shots of an impromptu trip we took down to Crystal Cove State Park in Laguna Beach. Hope you guys like them!

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Last shoot of 2010!

Happy 2011 Everyone!!

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Impromptu San Fran Trip: Day 3

Berkeley road trip, colorful leaves, awesome Mexican American breakfast, Huge haul at Rasputin Music, Holiday Street Vendor fair, amazing gyros, henna tattos, T-rex’s, Haight St., the smell of weed [yuck], Dinner at Cha Cha’s, and running for the bus. Good times.

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Impromptu San Fran Trip: Day 2

Dim Sum from crazy Chinese ladies, Golden Gate Park, unintentionally falling asleep on coffee shop couches, hanging out with Lindsay Yuen, happy babies, more Chinese food, perfect parallel parking [on the first try!]and more Ghirardelli’s hot chocolate:]

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Impromptu San Fran Trip: Day 1

After about 5 pushes of the snooze button [I’m not much of a morning person], congregating, grabbing some breakfast at Mickey D’s and  a delayed flight, we were finally on board the plane to SF and it was all history from there.

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F-Shoot with The Frenzels

Wow, It has been quite a while since I last updated this blog. Much apologies. However, in celebration of the holiday season, I come bearing gifts!

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to attend a shoot shop with a wonderful photographer couple The Frenzels. I’ve been a fan of their work for months ever since I met them at a bridal show in Newport. I love the way they capture life in each of their photos. The use of natural lighting and emotions make me smile each photo I see by them. It was an honor to learn their techniques and tips.

Please feel free to check out their photos here: http://www.thefrenzelsblog.com/
During the shoot shop, we were given the chance to practice by taking photos of a couple of The Frenzels’ friends and family members. Here are some shots from that day.

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A Day Out with Dad

It’s been years since my sister and I had a proper day out with our Dad, so once we got the chance we took it. Very rarely does my Dad get a day off from work, so lo and behold on this particular Saturday, we ended up heading out to LA to explore. My Dad had always wanted to visit the Ronald Reagan Library out in Simi Valley so we ventured out into the hot sun. He was like a kid in a candy store. I was so grateful to be a part of this experience especially since Reagan was one of his favorite presidents. We had time to kill after, so we then got in the car and drove up to Griffith and checked out the observatory where the VMA’s performance stage was being set up. From there we went to the Thai Temple in Hollywood hoping to get a late lunch, unfortunately the drive wasn’t worth it because they weren’t serving any food. So last minute plans we drove towards Universal City Walk where we ended the day with some grubbin’ at Bubba Gumps.


Kassandra’s Quince

15 is a special age for a girl in Mexican culture. I was given the opportunity to shoot Kassandra’s 15th this past Friday. It was definitely a task, but I’m pretty stoked for the photos.

Location: Oceanside, Downtown San Diego and El Cajon

Crazy LA Nights

I’ve noticed that every time I hit up LA or Hollywood, there’s always some kind of adventure involved. This trip to Bardot was no different.

It all started with my friend Aaron inviting me to a Lady Danville and Ben Folds show. We met up at his house and that’s where it all began. Long story short, there were missing IDs, the band guest list, broken glass, sandals, really good looking guys, sitting VIP status and oh yeah, Bob Saget. haha

It was my fifth?! time seeing the guys from Lady D live and my first time ever seeing Ben Folds. Definitely became a fan afterwards.